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We Offer the Most Reliable Brands on the Market
  - Commercial Office: Destroyit Paper Shredders
  - Government / GSA: Olympia Paper Shredders
  - Industrial Disposal: Intimus Paper Shredders

We Guarantee our Low Prices
Because we purchase in large volumes, we can offer our shredders to you at the lowest prices -- Guaranteed. This isn't just a claim, it's a promise. Find a lower advertised price from an authorized dealer and we won't just match it, we will beat it!

We are an Authorized Dealer
Be careful of buying products from web sites that may not be authorized by the manufacturer. Purchasing a paper shredder from us entitles you to a full manufacturer's warranty, on every product, anywhere in the nation.

Secure Shredders has a perfect record
We have been a member of the Better Business Bureau since our company's inception in 2000. The BBB gives us an A+ rating (highest available), which they define as "exemplary." Read more.

We Have Been in Business for Over 13 Years
We aren't a fly-by-night operation or a two-person, internet-only company. We have a 14,500 square foot commercial facility, and a team of 30+ employees. (Read more about our company.) We know that post-sale support is important, and we'll be right here when you need us.

Don't Make the Mistake of Purchasing from an Office Superstore
Office superstores offer cheaply-made paper shredders that are made for light use in home offices, not commercial environments. Our machines are industrial grade, precision-engineered, and built to provide years of reliable and efficient operation.

Our Knowledgeable Sales Consultants are Here to Help
We have many decades of combined experience, selling and supporting Olympia, Intimus, and Destroyit paper shredders. Just call us at (888) 286-1242 and we can give you the guidance necessary to help you make the right purchase for your business.

You Won't Pay Sales Tax with Us
We pay your sales tax on any office shredder, anywhere in the United States.

We Have Free Shipping
Remember, there is never an additional charge for shipping/truck delivery of paper shredders anywhere within the continental United States. No minimum order required.


Buy With Confidence!

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Paper Shredder Quick-Pick
Deskside Destroyit Shredders Centralized Office Destroyit Shredders High Capacity Destroyit Shredders GSA Olympia Shredders NSA/CSS Olympia Shredders Industrial Intimus Shredders
Destroyit 2240 Destroyit 2404 Destroyit 4605 Olympia 1300.4C
Olympia 1300.2C
Olympia 1300.1C Intimus S14.90
Destroyit 2260 Destroyit 2503 Destroyit 4107 Olympia 1400.4C
Olympia 1400.2C
Olympia 1400.1C
Olympia 1500.1C Intimus 14.84
Destroyit 2270 Destroyit 2604 Destroyit 5009 Olympia 1500.4C
Olympia 1500.2C
Olympia 1650.1C
Intimus 14.90VC
Destroyit 2360 Destroyit 3103   Olympia 1600.6
Olympia 1600.4C
Olympia 1600.2C
Olympia 1600.1C
Olympia 1702.1C Intimus 16.50S
  Destroyit 3105   Olympia 14.52C Olympia 1750.1C Intimus 16.86
  Destroyit 3804   Olympia 1702.4C Olympia 1800.1C

Intimus 16.50VC

  Destroyit 4002   Olympia 1440.4C  
  Destroyit 4005   Olympia 1500.8CD    
    Olympia MultiMedia    

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Destroyit - Olympia - Intimus
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