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The following is a list of general guidelines that you will want to consider when purchasing your next paper shredder. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us and let one of our shredder experts help you correctly evaluate your disposal needs and assist you in selecting the model that best fits your requirements.

Shredder Categories
Deskside Shredders: These compact models are ideal for deskside use. Sleekly styled to match any decor, every shredder we sell utilizes high-grade steel cutting heads which take staples and paper clips.

Centralized Shredders: These paper shredders are ideal for sharing between offices, feature casters for easy mobility, and have large-volume bins for less frequent bag changes. The larger-capacity models in this group can handle continuous data printouts, compact disks, and entire file folders, providing centralized shredding for entire offices.

High-Capacity Shredders: These models provide the ultimate in performance, economy, and security for entire facilities. Ideal for large-scale internal document disposal programs, their cutting heads can take bound ledgers, three-ring binders, VHS tapes and CDs.

Government Shredders: These paper shredders are the highest-quality models for government shredding needs. Prompt, nationwide support is our number one priority and shredders in this category are available through GSA Contract.

NSA/CSS High-Security Models: When the absolute highest level of security is required, these models produce a micro-cut shred size. Approved for top secret government use, these paper shredders meet the stringent requirements of NSA/CSS needs.

Industrial Shredders: These industrial conveyor-feed shredders are the strongest and most reliable machines in their class. The high-horsepowered motors can shred large amounts of material for hours on end. The internal workings are built with extremely large and durable metal gears and chain drives.

Strip-cut vs. Cross-cut
Strip-cut shredders shred documents into narrow strips ranging from 3/32" to 1/2" depending on the security level required. Strips are equal in length to the original document. Strip-cut models are generally less expensive than cross-cut models.

Cross-cut models shred documents in two directions for extra security. Shred sizes range from 5/16" x 3" to 1/32" x 3/16". Smaller shred sizes also mean less frequent bag changes.


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