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Off-site shredding vs. shredding at the source
Documents that are for your eyes only are always the ones that others want to see. When it comes to protecting your company, your clients, and their identities, shredding sensitive data is imperative. Shredding your data BEFORE it leaves the building is the only way to be ABSOLUTELY SURE it was destroyed PRIOR to someone else seeing it. The more hands your documents pass through, the bigger the potential for your documents to be viewed by others.

Remove the risk, cut the cost, and enjoy the confidence.
Hospitals, banks, law firms, large corporations and any organization that handles personal and/or sensitive data cannot afford to put these documents at risk. The liability can be tremendous and potentially devastating. The cost of outsourcing your shredding needs is also A CONSTANT EXPENSE. It will never decrease. Maintenance, labor, travel, other machinery, and even inflation will take their toll on your bottom line. Remove the risk and cut costs by shredding at the source with our document shredders. We can help you set up an in-house shredding program that is more secure, convenient, and economical than using an outside firm.

Destroy it for good!
Our shredders are fast, efficient, and shred a wide range of materials. Their durable cutting heads can take staples, paper clips, credit cards, CDs, and more, depending on the model. Strip cut and cross cut models are available in six security levels.

If a shredding service handles your sensitive data…YOU INCREASE THE RISK!
- It leaves the building.
- A stranger is handling your data.
- It could be lost or misplaced during transport.
- By law, if sensitive information leaks out and is used against an individual, your company is liable for any damages—NOT THE SHREDDING SERVICE. You cannot delegate document security.
- There’s no way to positively know your documents are being destroyed without taking time off work to watch the process.
- You pay more.
- If the shredding service box becomes full, sensitive materials may end up being stacked next to it until the scheduled pick-up time.
- Destruction of documents may experience unexpected delays due to weather, traffic, vehicle maintenance problems—all situations out of your control!

If it’s Shredded at the Source, IT’S GONE. FOR GOOD!
- From your hand, it goes into your on-site shredder.
- You see it destroyed—you eliminate the risk.
- Offices stay neater. No boxes of waste waiting to be picked-up (and/or looked at).
- One efficient, economical cost—plus potential for recycling revenue.
- You’ve protected your customers…your employees…your company!

Where is your confidential material today?
Contractors for off-site shredding deal in bulk. The faster they work the more clients they can service. With low-cost labor, their profits get even higher. This combination of speed and cut-rate labor not only brings more to their bottom line, it elevates the potential for MORE MISTAKES AND HIGHER RISK.


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